The Ultimate Time Tracking Tool for Freelancers

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Stay on top of your freelance business with the Freelancer's Time Tracking Tool in Notion! Crafted with a passion for organization and a flair for efficiency, this comprehensive and professionally designed template is your key to mastering your own time and elevating your work experience.

As a freelancer, managing various clients and projects can be challenging. That's why this template is tailored specifically for your needs, featuring sections for client records, hourly rates for different activities, project details, and a dedicated space for diligent time tracking. It sports a clean, modern design that's user-friendly, ensuring that tracking your work progress becomes a seamless part of your routine.

✅ Instant download
✅ Completely customizable
✅ Automatic reports
✅ Video walkthrough
✅ PDF Manual

As a freelancer, I've experienced firsthand the importance of having an effective and accessible system to keep track of work hours and manage various projects. I've seen the gaps in available tools and felt the need for something more specialized, something that perfectly aligns with the dynamic lifestyle of a freelancer. Thus, the idea for this Notion template was born.

Countless hours went into the thoughtful design, rigorous testing, and careful refinement of this template. My aim was to create a tool that's more than just useful—it's transformative, bringing a significant difference to the lives of freelancers, helping them stay organized, and optimizing their earnings whilst actually being FUN to use!

Behind the Scenes:

This template is much more than a practical tool—it's an expression of my journey as a freelancer. It embodies the hustle, the balance of multiple projects, the late-night problem-solving, and the quest for efficiency. It's about creating something that can help freelancers, just like me, to not only survive but also thrive in our work.

Start using this tool today and reinvent the way you manage your time and projects, pushing your freelance career to new heights!

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A fully customizable Notion template to track your time as a freelancer. Ready to use with detailed examples and instructions.

Perfect for
Freelance designers, writers and editors, developers, consultants, virtual assistants, marketers, photographers and videographers, tutors and coaches, researchers, project managers and anyone who freelances!
What's included?
Instant download, completely customizable Notion template, automatic reports, video walkthrough, PDF Manual
Weekly earnings, weekly hours, weekly average, average, monthly earnings, amount to invoice rate,
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The Ultimate Time Tracking Tool for Freelancers

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